A quick remark

One of my favorite novels is one that I read fairly recently, Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris, a cerebral science fiction that explores many of the more fascinating ideas ever preserved in print. Toward the beginning is the following passage:

“Suddenly, looming up in the opening which led to the communal bathroom, a tall silhouette appeared, barely distinguishable in the surrounding gloom. I stood stock still, frozen to the spot. A giant Negress was coming silently towards me with a smooth, rolling gait. I caught a gleam from the whites of her eyes and heard the soft slapping of her bare feet. She was wearing nothing but a yellow skirt of plaited straw; her enormous breasts swung freely and her black arms were as thick as thighs. Less than a yard separated us as she passed me, but she did not give me so much as a glance. She went on her way, her grass skirt swinging rhythmically, resembling one of those steatopygous statues in anthropological museums.”

I think people in the Beiyangjing and Jinqiao areas of Pudong can sympathize with the narrator’s sentiments.


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